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Wanda Movie Park is a theme park-like destination anchored to a mall in Wuhan, China and hosts several immersive media attractions. Themespace developed the Power of Nature with Mousetrappe under Forrec’s master umbrella. Themespace’s Owner, Erik Neergaard, also acted as media producer and owner’s representative to Wanda for all six media-based attractions in the park. Erik oversaw media production for Rhythm and Hues, Industrial Light and Magic, and Pixomondo.

Power of Nature is a large-scale, motion-based simulator that brings visitors face to face with the world’s most extreme forces of nature. Taking a scientific tone, the attraction instills awe and respect for “Mother Earth” and her power to both create and destroy.

Wanda Movie Park opened in 2014 and has been nominated for UK install awards Audience Venues, Best Project Award, and Team of the Year.


 Wanda, Matilda, Forrec.


Wuhan, China


Owners Representative

Concept Design

Media Production

Attraction Design

Design Development


6 Large Media based attractions

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