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We can…

  • Conduct workshops with you and your team that will produce results.

  • Shape your idea and put ‘flesh on the bones.’ 


We will…

  • Define goals by creating clarity, structure, action plans and timelines.

  • Present you with new ‘blue sky’ concepts and themes that will inspire and motivate more creative thinking. 


And… We’ll help you lay solid and credible foundations to build upon. 

Our team members have been engaged to work with many prestigious clients during the first stages of a project.  Clients include McKinsey, London Paramount Resort and Real Madrid, FC.


We can help…

  • Clients assess the ‘real’ opportunity as they consider the project vision, the environment and market impact.

  • Introduce you to, and work with, the most qualified feasibility specialists, architects and planning consultants. 


We can help…

  • Provide vital data and visuals as you develop your business plans and investor packs. 

  • Liaise with global brands to forge mutually beneficial partnerships. 



So what’s the ‘big idea’?


In this process we explore possibility.   How can intellectual property and/or a vision be interpreted and transformed into something that can be shared as a real and memorable audience experience? 


Communication is King.  By conducting a charrette with the client and through our ‘in house’ workshops, we achieve great results.  The vision for your project remains true and consistent, as bright ideas become brilliant ideas.


The Themespace team offers a unique and perfect blend of the creative mind with the mind of a masterful facilitator.  We’ll help direct you toward a clear vision, ensuring that each voice is heard and considered.  Understanding the varied needs of each client and all projects, Themespace will show you how the impossible can be made possible and ideas can be realized.


“Agree on the destination and step by step we will get you there”


Concept development is where we produce a road map that defines how and when the project is to be delivered.  In this phase we outline the objectives and necessary resources, including budgets and schedule.  We ensure that all environmental and cultural sensibilities are recognized and integrated.


This is also when we articulate the principles that define the core values and unique culture of the project.  These aspects are often overlooked, yet they’re at the heart of high quality working practices that ensure the process is maintained throughout development and beyond.  The same values will guide the company’s operations when the attraction opens its doors each and every day. 


Shaping brilliant ideas into product, keeping true to the vision and purpose of the project and providing productive and respectful direction to the ‘talent’ is what great Creative Directors do.

We have chosen to provide Creative Direction on some fantastic projects involving clients such as Paramount, Universal and Motiongate. We are great motivators and our teams work quickly, efficiently and deliver to the highest standards in the industry.



The Creative can design a ship to take you to the moon and the stars…the Conservative asks, “how much is the flight?”


At Themespace, we integrate the Creative with the Conservative, making sure the needs of both are met.  Then and only then, can they walk the same path to reach the ultimate destination:  a sustainable and successful attraction. 


Our industry is full of gifted and creative minds, storytellers and imagineers.  Themespace takes design to a different level, with detailed thinking to make sure that everyone involved, including the bottom line business disciplines, are plugged into the same process. 


Our goal is to work with you to create entertaining and inspiring projects that make everyone, especially the audience and investors, very, very happy. 


Whatever the scale of your project and whether your ambition is to build a resort, a theme park, create a brand experience or expand an existing attraction, we can help you fully assess the opportunity so that the ‘big idea’ and the ‘business case’ truly complement each other.  


Themespace can take responsibility for managing design, development and construction of your project. Our industry connections enable us to mobilize the best architects, engineers, construction managers, technicians, procurement, safety, security and facilities services for any type of project.  We have the advantage of experience, liaising and negotiating a range of projects from complex developments with government authorities to local building and planning agencies.  Our success positions us as an industry leader, able to advise our clients and deliver results on time and within budget.  

A Masterplan is much more than a map of where and how to build something or how to communicate a story.  Our masterplan will create opportunities to maximize the guest experience, optimize visitor flow and maximize ‘on site’ spending per capita. 


This is about creating a place that the guest will fall in love with; a place that they can’t wait to return to and will recommend to friends and family. 


A well-conceived Masterplan will consider every aspect of the guest experience on a peak day and on any other day.  We’ll explore the factors that determine how and when a guest will drink, eat and spend money in retail during this phase.  We’ll thoroughly anticipate their needs as they move around, interact, dwell and relax within your attraction.    



In this extensive phase, we’ll develop inspiring imagery that includes the details of your project. 


CAD drawings, full colour digital imagery, 3D models, storyboards, technical data sheets and programs are some of the tools and skills Themescape will utilize to provide you with all the necessary preparation for building a world of rides, environments, shows, sets and exhibits.   


Themespace endeavors to be engaged and trusted to deliver projects for the most successful and established brands in the world. 


Not only do we have all the creative and artistic talent to develop your brand logo, signage and graphic identity, we also have award-winning entrepreneurs and high caliber business strategists who understand what you are trying to achieve.   We can share ideas, knowledge and experience to help you create a powerful seed from which your brand or product can grow. 


Our talented writers are involved at every stage of a project from the enticing business plan and unique brand development to a visionary show script that is the foundation for a truly memorable attraction.  


We translate great ideas into words and create formal presentations.  We’ll turn a captivating story idea into a narrative and develop a script that will accompany attraction media, rides, shows, and exhibits.  We ensure that the audience, whether that be the project partners, investors, operators or guests, is fully immersed in the experience of the attraction, the key message, and/or the themes. 


A world class production is achieved by successful collaboration within our team, with our creative partners and clients and, ultimately, with the audience. 


  • Brand events and expos,

  • Multi- media shows,

  • Son et Lumiére experiences,

  • Fireworks & night time spectaculars,

  • Live events, concerts and tours. 


We have done it all.  We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest music artists, delivered nationwide tours for entertainment brands such as Nickelodeon and organized special events for high profile clients such as Formula 1 and royal families. 


Our team can assist you at every step: from ideation, concept design, technical staging, service provision and operational strategy all the way through to experience delivery. 


Themespace have an exceptional reputation as first class, efficient project coordinators.   We provide the exceptionally clear and distinct level of detail required by our contracted partners for specialized construction and installation. 


Only with the disciplined service and direction Themespace provides, can a project expect to keep within budget and timeframe. 


Within our team we have a wealth of talent and experience.  Team members have produced and directed media for theme parks, live events, broadcast TV, museums, brand promotions and music videos.   Our in house team and our collaborating specialists can deliver amazing results, whatever the scale or special requirements of your project. 


From script writing and orchestrating film shoots to developing interactive media exhibits to creating spectacular large-scale projection mapping shows, Themespace is synonymous with creating high quality, affective and entertaining productions.  


Because so many of the environments we design are unique and pioneering, a tailored construction strategy with disciplined in-field art direction is often required for the building phase.  Our team maintains fidelity to every detail of the original idea to ensure that the design approved in the studio and boardroom is the same one that ultimately reaches the audience.      


With Themespace guiding the planning, structure and strategy of your project, you have the best chance of seamlessly launching a successful new concept to the public. 

We syncopate the actions and facilitate communication between the teams of system providers, manufacturers, training and operating specialists up to and beyond opening day.   

Memorable characters enhance brand identity.  Our team of artists and brand specialists will create original characters for you or develop the ones you visualize but don’t have the skills to bring to life. 


Characters add an extra dimension and spark customers or guests of all ages.   They’ll provide your business or project with a voice and emotive vehicle.  Themespace artists have worked on projects for global brands such as Nickelodeon and MTV.   We’ve also developed characters for storybooks, FECs, company logos and an award winning educational project that featured in over 10,000 UK schools. 




Often it is the moment when breathtaking concept art is delivered to investors, developers, brand partners and the general public that a project becomes real to them.  Because great concept art awakens the imagination, it is a vital communication tool and it inspires people to care about a project.  Great concept art can turn a “maybe” into an enthusiastic “yes!”.  


Our talented artists can turn your vision for a project into something inspirational and informative. 


Themescape artists have produced a huge amount of the brilliant and evocative theme park resort and visitor attraction concept art that you see across the internet and on the websites of our industry partners. 


We are possibly the leading provider of such support services.  We are proud of our reputation as excellent collaborators and equally proud of the fact that our work so often plays a significant part in the early stages of a project’s success.