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He Jung Park Bio



He Jung Park provides visual concepts for a variety of Themespace's entertainment projects, creating key illustrations that match each assignment's specific needs and to establish the design approach and style that characterizes each project. 

He Jung graduated from the Art Center College of Design, a BA of illustration/entertainment major, before crafting her professional career with Oscar-winning animation studio Rhythm and Hues. She also worked at ‘Dreamworks’ as a Matte Painter and has had a successful career illustrating for many of the top entertainment firms. 

He Jung has 9 years of experience exposed to a variety of projects 
and aesthetic styles in the entertainment industry. 

Her feature film work includes Percy Jackson, Snow White and Huntsman, Night at the Museum, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hop and many more. Also, commercial and print jobs for intellectual properties like Guitar Hero, SIM, Frozen and Planes just to mention a few. He Jung also serves as an Art Director for non-profit organizations that provide art-related teaching and mentoring for youth in the arts. 

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